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Oriental Lamps imports handmade “Fair and Care” products to the Netherlands with a strong believe on the principal that the local artisans can take full advantage of the benefits of their local economies . The prices are lower because frankly Oriental Lamps it gets right at the source . No brokering , handmade , direct from maker to consumer at a fair price.

Most of the material is of local and natural raw nature . While Oriental Lamps carries no fair trade label it is always fair and honest. No operation and exploitation , all local beneifts and profits  go directly to the makers an their families .

Made using ancient techniques , is the ornament of Egyptian scenes inspired by the traditional flowing arabesques designs. Etched and pierced by hand, the patterns – which symbolize infinity and eternity – cast dancing shadows on surrounding surfaces .

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What is the Meaning of Oriental Lamps?

Oriental Lamops means beloved , dear , can not be expressed in monetary terms, and that is what we pursue. Beautiful , honest products that enrich your life and your home. Products you will love, they  are’ beloved ‘ , they are Oriental Lamps .”

Beautiful Egyptian chandeliers decorated with intricate patterns . Products from across the African and Asian continents .

The products are personally, and bring the story of every craftsman and designer in the form of a beautifully designed object . The philosophy of Oriental Lamps is the transfer of the simple pleasures of life , one that comes from surrounding yourself with products that are handmade with love , to connect with each other in the world we live in.

Handmade from solid copper the Egyptian pendant lights are as the name suggests, made ​​in Egypt and come in a finish of nickel, silver , brass or gold oxide . Due to the handmade nature of the hangers , the size, shape and decoration differ from piece to piece and thus provide a wonderful unique object . For added dramatic effect cluster them together at different heights from the ceiling , to make  a stunning focal display

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