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Collection reflects the traditional spirit in a modern style .
Exotic, visually appealing and natural materials and love for the oriental design – Oriental Lamps is a specialist in ethnic and elegant home accessories. It focuses on the Moroccan and Egyptian and oriental lamps, as well as accessories , which creates the same atmosphere . Everything at the service of “Oriental Lamps”.

The Design of Oriental Lamps?

Prove a penchant for crafts and craftsmanship that translate ancient traditions in the modern world of today. Through the use of mostly natural materials and a production with low CO2 emissions , the Ghalia brand is sustainable and future- proof.


Here you will find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. The information is regularly revised. This area is also called the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Size and color. Since all running under the brand Oriental Lamps items are handmade , sizes and colors may differ slightly from published specifications .

About the care and treatment of the Oriental Egyptian filigree lamps and other products , washing instructions all Oriental Lamps Home Accessories Producten.

How your Shipping Fee are Based?

Shipping fees are based on regions, Domestic NL is 100% free, outside NL EU (Shengen zone ( is above 150), rest of the world is.

Lightsource (Bulbs)?

* Please use common sense when choosing a bulb for your Ghalia.The lamps are made ​​of metal and become hot.  A 75- watt bulbs in a small size pendant or table lamp will cause problems with the electrical wiring.  For the smaller models Ghalia recommends 20 or 30 Watt Eco Halogen bulbs. For LED or energy saving bulbs  the power (no’s Watt’s)  is not a factor in the evolution of heat.

* Please handle the lamp when installing with gloves and give it a nice treat with a soft cloth after work on it is finished. Ghalia lamps and Pendants will be touched often. Lamps can best be treated with a soft cloth to preserve its glare and shine. Some people prefer the oxidation of grayish silver. A grayish discolored lamp looks old and ‘ antique . Stains can be treated with a mild silver polish but bare in mind that it is just a galvanised layer of silver which can be rubbed off.

I Want to Cancel my Order, Is this Possible?

Of course, if the order has not been delivered yet . Reply best in this case to the order confirmation . You get fast response over the course of your cancellation.

How do I Return a Product?

You can cancel your purchase by a declaration (eg by E-Mail/Brief ) or by returning the product. We ask that you always first be reported to us the cancellation by e -mail to [email protected] . Preferably use the return link ( tag ) from your order confirmation that you received from us.

The period begins on the day after you received the items ordered .
Please send the item with the return label and packed back .

The foregoing can be found at any time in the dispatch communications from Ghalia again , including a link for a postage label for your return .It is not necessary to justify the return

I’ve Returned my Order . When will I Get my Money Back?

If the returned item meets the conditions Ghalia ensures that the full purchase amount including the possible cost for returning will be refunded within 30 days.

Lead Times and Stock?

When an item is out of stock delivery time is 21 days  so says the article . But is this always the case ? All our products are made in small quantities and imported from Africa and Asia. This is what gives the products their unique character and make them unique. However  this can also mean that it takes longer before new stock has arrived. 21 days is indicative and may vary.

Delivery of the Order?

For international orders a common delivery time aplies, which is mainly determined by the destination applies . Within Europe, this will be consistently even within a few ( at most 10 ) days.

For international orders (outside the EU Schengen area ) that local taxes and import duties may be invoiced by local customs or institutions. These costs are not factored by Ghalia and must be paid by you locally.

I have Received my Order , but this Unfortunately does not Meet my Expectations, Can I Return it ?

Yes, this is possible without giving specific reasons . You have 14 days to change your mind , from the day on which you received the order. The shipping costs for returns within the Netherlands are carried by Ghalia . Of course, the item must be returned well packaged and in perfect shape. See “Cancelation” for the procedure

What is your Return Address?

Vuurdoornstraat 21
the Netherlands

Discomfort, Compliments and Complaints?

If you have a complaint, want to make compliment or share any feedback  you can always call us or send us an e -mail. You can assume that you will get a response within 14 days after receipt of your notice.

Is my Data Protected?

Ghalia is with the utmost care to your data. We do not pass personal data to third parties – never, under any circumstances . See Privacy Statement for more details.