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Moroccan Handcrafted Furniture 2021 – Buy Now

The Handcrafted Moroccan Furniture form the Oriental Lamps collection are always original, hand-crafted and are taken directly from the maker. Ranging from furniture from recycled boat parts to hip trolleys with a little nod to 50s design.
The shipment may take a bit longer due to the size and/or weight. You will always be quickly informed of the delivery lead times as they depart.

Handcrafted Moroccan Furniture

The Handcrafted Furniture with a little nod to 50s design form the Oriental Lamps collection. Always original and imported directly from the manufacturer. Only from € 99.

n the assortment you will find old sleek locker cabinets, bakers’ wagons, trolleys, desks, tables, vintage stools, tray tables and more. The collection is not large, but unique. The pieces of furniture are telling, have character and are quirky. With the unique vintage furniture from Ghalia, you bring a special contrast to your interior.
The oriental furniture is unique and one of a kind. We offer both old oriental furniture and more modern ones. The furniture is special and makes a unique statement within every interior. Our furniture is also becoming a hit in restaurants and workspaces.

Sustainable oriental furniture from Oriental Lamps
The oriental furniture is made of different materials, including old boat parts. No trees are cut down to make the furniture; recycled and sustainable materials, that is what we prefer.Admire the furniture in our webshop. Do you prefer to view the unique furniture and Oriental lamps live? Make an appointment and drop by the showroom and shop your new unique furniture while enjoying a cup of mint tea.

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Moroccan Furniture

Traditional Moroccan Furniture is entirely built and assembled using one’s hands.  These pieces of furniture signify the affection, love, and passion of craftsmen. Moreover, it is always great to opt for handcraft furniture rather than choosing mass-produced factory furniture. Undoubtedly, it is easier to just go and grab a factory-made product available at a local store. However, if you want to redefine your home interior, you must choose Moroccan furniture.

Handmade furniture truly reflects your style and taste. Moreover, they have a greater tendency to merge with the background than mass-produced factory products. You can also choose from a wide variety of modern and vintage products. In addition, handcrafted furniture comes with exalted and unique designs. In short, they have many such benefits that would definitely make them worth your money.  

Perks Of Purchasing Handcrafted Moroccan Furniture

 There are so many benefits of getting your hands on Handcrafted Furniture. Have a look at the below points:

Countless options 

You can get as many options as you want. The best part is you can have customized designs that fit exactly to your interior. You can play with their fabric, colors, height, and width as you desire. The range of traditional Moroccan furniture varies with the creativity of the craftsman.

Unique Style

Normally, the factory produces a mass amount of furniture at a time. And so almost all the factory products have the same style and design. On the other hand, handcrafted furniture is made with unique and eye-catching designs. The art of crafting intricate designs on the furniture makes it unique and exclusive. Hence, they are different and a lot better than factory-made furniture.


The most important thing while making handmade furniture is that it must have the best quality. As a matter of fact, craftsmen put all his effort into making these items. Therefore, he would never compromise on the quality of the product. In addition, many people use recycled material to make Handcrafted Moroccan Furniture. Thus, this would also contribute to a sustainable environment.

Ethical manufacture

While producing factory products, the makers use such chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Moreover, this process of manufacturing items produces a large amount of waste. Alternatively, handmade products are made with great care, and by using sustainable materials.

 Support craftsmanship 

By purchasing Handcrafted Furniture, you can contribute to the local economy. Although the craftsman puts all his effort into making the best product. Still, these items are a lot more economical and affordable than factory-made items.

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