Moroccan and Egyptian Plates

and small home accessories that will make your Asian lamps and interior ideas perfect. That one old handmade teapot that makes the display on the Plate complete or the different maintenance materials and various bulbs and parts for the Oriental lamps.
The oriental accessories
are handmade, authentic and unique. The oriental home accessories, such as Moroccan trays, teapots and special oriental lamps, come directly from the medina and souks of Morocco and Egypt. The Eastern trays are made according to age-old tradition. Enrich your home with a piece of Eastern authenticity. Happiness is in the little things; atmosphere too.

Serve the most delicious dishes or special tea on an authentic Moroccan tray. Increase the atmosphere in your home and give an oriental finishing touch to your interior with original oriental trays and home accessories:

New products appear regularly in this category of Oriental handicraft.

Candle holders,
tea glasses,
tealight holders,

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