Oriental Candle Holders

With the colourful candle holdersthe silver votives and filigree lanterns, the coldest winter days become warm and the hot summer evenings even more sultry.

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The authentic oriental filigree candle holders and lanterns are made of copper or brass and contain a countless number of holes. The special candle holders and moroccan lanterns diy make wonderful home accessories, but with a tea light they provide that ‘magic touch’.
The lights can be replaced easily and safely through the wide opening. Add atmosphere to your interior and make every room warm and cosy with the handmade Arab lanterns and filigree candle holders. These unique and atmospheric lanterns and candle holders come directly from the small workshops in the souks and medina of the Egyptian cities. With the filigree lanterns and candle holders, you really bring the oriental atmosphere into your home. Looking for a special and atmospheric gift? The filigree candle holders and lanterns also make a beautiful and atmospheric home gift.

Atmospheric candle holders and lanterns

Enhance the atmosphere with beautiful Oriental candle holders and Egyptian lanterns. Candlelight usually provides a lot of atmosphere, but with the beautiful tealights and white moroccan lanterns,it becomes very cosy. The thousands of holes create a beautiful and atmospheric play of light. A piece of magic, both indoors and outdoors solar moroccan lanterns, with traditional oriental lanterns.

Imagine yourself in an Oriental atmosphere, simply in your own home or garden.

The beautiful oriental candle holders make a sultry summer evening even more sultry. Place several lanterns or candle holders in your garden and imagine yourself in an oriental atmosphere. Make every evening something special with the oriental cheese holders and lamps.

Oriental lanterns – beautiful and practical

The lanterns and candle holders have a handy opening, making it easy to change candles. The opening is large enough to easily change the candles, but small enough to keep the light show magical. The candle holders and lanterns are available in different sizes. This way, you can use several lanterns with tea lights or choose a larger one for a more impressive effect.

Oriental lanterns as a gift

Oriental lanterns and candle holders make a wonderful home-use gift – beautiful to give and to receive. The candle holders and oriental lanterns are available in various sizes and price categories and make a nice gift for every budget.