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Bring warmth, atmosphere and colour into your interior with beautiful Oriental lamps, Hanging Lamps from Oriental Lamps. With the oriental Pendants every Interior feels like a home.

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Add a vibrant lighting and temperature and increase the atmosphere with these Gems of the Orient.

An Oriental lamp gives a magic touch

Oriental pendant lamps create a beautiful and magical play of light. The lamps are made according to tradition in small workshops in the medina and the souks of Egyptian cities. The smaller pendant lamps have around 1500 holes; larger sizes have around 6000! The light that shines through these holes adds a magic touch to every interior.
Even without light, the Oriental filigree lamps provide magic. The design and the silver-plated finish of these brass and copper pendant lamps are a pearl to the eye in any case – with or without light.

Oriental filigree lamps with bottom opening

Most Oriental hanging lamps have an opening at the bottom. The opening allows a bright light to emerge from the pendant lamp. The modern oriental lamps provide a beautiful play of light, but also offer the desired functionality of a lamp: good lighting and atmosphere in the home. Please note, there is always limited stock.
Is the bulb due for replacement? The opening at the bottom makes replacing a bulb very easy, both in the metal hanging lamp and in the oriental hanging lamp mosaic. The diameter of the opening is between 15 and 20 cm. The opening in this beautiful lamp is large enough to easily replace a lamp, but small enough to maintain a beautiful and atmospheric light.

These brass and copper pendant lamps are easy to install

The lamp – depending on the size – comes with a chain, which you can use to easily attach the lamp or mini oriental lamps to the ceiling. Choose a smaller size? Then the cord is often sufficient.
Larger pendant lamps are additionally supported by a chain. The chain of an Arabian pendant lamp and other parts are also available separately.