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The beautiful Oriental Rugs Carpets, Moroccan poufs, cushions, and other authentic oriental home textiles make coming home even nicer – and thus receiving you with even more warmth and atmosphere.

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Immerse yourself in oriental luxury and comfort. Use the Arabian floor and/or wall hangings to make your interior even warmer – and softer. Surround yourself with splendour, softness with nice textiles & rugs and increase your living comfort with Moroccan cushions, oriental poufs and Indian jute rugs. Traditional Moroccan rugs, quilts, carpets, cushions and poufs are made of jute, cotton or recycled material.
The material is handwoven in India or Egypt and is dyed with vegetable and natural dyes. The Moroccan rug are even handknotted. The products are obtained in an honest way and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. The oriental rugs, cushions, poufs and other home textiles are available at Ghalia Oriental Table Lamp in various patterns, colours and sizes.

Oriental comfort – with hand-woven rugs and cushions

Pamper yourself with a bit of oriental comfort. Increase the comfort in your home with beautiful hand-woven rugs and cushions. The rugs and cushions are beautiful, soft and warm. Make winter as pleasant as possible with handmade authentic oriental rugs, cushions and poufs.

Oriental Rugs Carpets, cushions and poufs – functional and beautiful

A beautiful burlap rug on the floor changes the look (and feel) immediately. Stylish and comfortable, with a large hand-woven rug or a subtle home accent. Turn your sofa into something special with Moroccan cushions or expand the seating options, without large furniture, with beautiful oriental poufs.

Oriental rugs as a gift

Make someone happy with a special home present: an Oriental rug, cushion or pouf. Give someone a functional and beautiful present and increase their living comfort. The rugs, cushions and poufs make every living space warm and special – regardless of the season. By using the Oriental rugs or a Moroccan rug in combination with an Oriental pendant lamp, you complete the atmosphere.
The range of oriental home textiles, Moroccan poufs and cushions varies greatly. The products are unique and only purchased once. We also supply Moroccan home textiles in larger sizes (310 x 230).