Oriental Table Lamps

With our oriental table lamps and floor lamps, you can create a nice contrast, a warm oriental touch or a special and authentic atmosphere. The oriental table lamps and floor lamps are available in copper or cold-forged brass and are silver-plated.

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The beautiful unique patterns – sometimes with thousands of holes – make the filigree lamps true works of art by day; at night, they provide an enchanting play of light. Create more atmosphere in the dark corners of your home with small oriental lamps or filigree table lamp. The different sizes, shapes and colours of oriental filigree table lamps and floor lamps offer endless possibilities and an oriental atmosphere in any living space.

Material: Our oriental style table lamps are made of cold forged brass, silver plated. Patterns and holes are punched manually. These oriental table lamps are available with patterns or thousands of holes of various sizes. All items in our handcrafted Moroccan floor lamp collection were made with great care and brought to Europe by Oriental Lamps to offer oriental lighting can.
These Egyptian Floor Lamps/ Moroccan Table Lamp/vintage oriental lamps developed from the oriental filigree technique that is used in jewelry craft often, and now you will find in this lamp.

Oriental floor lamps

These oriental lamps make a beautiful and atmospheric statement on the floor, in the corner of the room, on a table, desk or dresser. The oriental table lamp in silver, copper or oriental mosaic comes with a cord and switch and a plug. Our oriental table lamps are fitted with a fitting (e14 or e27) and a cable with switch (2 metres). By using a halogen lamp, ordinary lamp or energy saving lamp, the projection of the lamp on the wall, table and floor is either sharp or diffuse. Enrich your interior with a table lamp Turkish lamp or table lamp in vintage silver in the way that suits you and your interior.

A magical light with oriental table lamps

The oriental floor lamp is usually made of cold-forged brass and then silver-plated. The mosaic glass table lamp the pattern and the holes are made by hand. The result? Thousands of tiny holes that create a beautiful play of light on the ceiling and wall. Choose several lamps for a dramatic light effect. Experiment and place the lamps in different places, so you can project a playful or diffuse shadow play. Place your Arabian table lamp on an oriental table and enhance the oriental atmosphere.

Enrich your interior with an oriental floor lamp

These oriental table lamps are made in small workshops, by craftsmen in the souks and medina of the Egyptian cities. The Arabian table lamp is manufactured according to centuries-old tradition; a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. The technique used for the oriental table lamps is also called filigree. This is due to the resemblance to the filigree technique used by jewellers. The refined processing of the Turkish lamp resembles the many small perforations in the oriental table lamps. Such decorative table lamps are an enrichment for your interior.