best Filament LED
Filament light Bulb LED 6 watt

Filament light Bulb LED 6 watt


Finally a true replacement for the halogen bulb. Same light and atmosphere But only 6 Watts this one


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Filament LED an alternative to the halogen lamp.

Filament LEDs, These LEDs provide a beautiful, quiet and warm white light with a sharp focus like as a halogen lamp.

The used power of these bulbs is as you would expect from an LED very low. Ghalia sells these from 2 watts and 4 watts to 6 watts and these replace an Eco Halogen off 20, 30 and 53 watts. Typically  the range that is most commonly used for the lamps and pendants of Ghalia.

The first two are in E14 Candle  and ambient Candle model. The 6 Watt is in E27, for larger lamps and pendants. These LEDs are not dimmable.

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E14 Candle 2 Watt, E14 Candle 14 Watt, E27 Normal 6 Watt

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