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Welcome to your personal OrientalLamps wishlist

in which you can add all items that you desire. Making it easy to find your favourites later and even easier to let your friends know what gift to buy you. It is all there! 🙂

Login with your account and never lose track of the items that you want would like as a birthday gift, or as a reminder for the next wedding you are invited to next spring. Just put it in your personal Wish list and you can forget it without losing it.

We all know how this goes in a normal, hectic life. You see something online and immediately fall in love with it or have a great gift idea for that someone special or that special occasion coming soon.

Your thoughts drift away and BANG! The phone rings and you get back to what you were doing. That evening you remember having that top idea but no way you can recall the site name or brand name.

No more! Add the item to your Wish list and be reminded every time you visit (if you have logged in into your account) and never forget it!

We would love to implement this even without the need to logon and technically, it is not difficult to achieve that but it is again privacy rules and our own privacy policy so you can use this functionality at Oriental Lamps with no risk. You are the owner and remain the owner of every data we have of yours. We just wanted to share this neat little feature and benefit on our website with you.